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The Reading Pros paint like elephants!

The Reading Pros met today (outside!) to discuss Jennifer Jacobson’s Small as an Elephant.  This book is a good choice for any kid, but especially kids from Maine because the main character, Jack, travels to many places along the coast in his journey, including Bar Harbor and Ellsworth.


We discussed the book and talked about what I think of as the “Jean Valjean question”:  is it ok to steal food if you’re starving?  Jack resorts to stealing a couple of times in the book, so this was an interesting question to debate.  Some of the kids were completely opposed to stealing, under any circumstances while others thought it was ok as long it was the only option.  Other kids had creative solutions to Jack’s hunger problem:  he could live off the land by eating blueberries, or he could have asked for the food instead of taking it.


Jack’s favorite animal in the book is the elephant and there’s a lot of interesting information about them.  Elephants and humans have quite a bit in common.  Elephants mourn the death of their loved ones, for example.  Some elephants can even paint, which is where the next part of our meeting came in.  The kids used paint brushes attached to sticks to replicate using a trunk and painted in an elephant outline.  I got the idea from this great blog: Adventures of an Art Teacher.  Thanks for the idea!



The finished elephant (drawn by Emma 🙂 ) turned out great.  I will get a picture and post it soon.  Happy Friday, everyone!



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The new books for The Reading Pros have arrived!

I just spent a lovely afternoon going through the new books that just came in for The Reading Pros book club.  We have ordered five new titles:  Small as an Elephant, Wonderstruck, What the World Eats, Love that Dog, and Cosmic!

This purchase was made possible by the Rose and Samuel Rudman Library Trust through the Maine Community Foundation.  Thank you so much to everyone on the selection committee.  It truly felt like Christmas morning to open all those boxes of brand new books 🙂  I look forward to discussing these titles with The Reading Pros in the coming months.

(Cosmic is not pictured because it is on back-order)

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