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Legos @ the Library: Ninjago!

One Lego builder brought new Ninjago Legos to today’s meeting!

Here’s “before”:


“During the building process”:


and the “finished product”:



Here’s a look at some of the other great creations from today’s program:

DSC02585(I don’t know if you can tell from the picture, but the entire top section of this vehicle swivels 360 degrees).


DSC02590I want one of these for my house!


DSC02589On a chilly winter afternoon like this one, it’s nice to plan out a perfect camping trip with Legos!

For next month’s Legos @ the Library, I’m looking for picture books to use for Lego inspiration.  So far, I’d like to use Chris Van Dusen’s If I Built a Car and If I Built a House.

Cover of "If I Built a Car"

Cover of If I Built a Car

Does anyone have suggestions for other books that might spark a great Lego idea?



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Legos on show at the Ellsworth Public Library

A wide variety of Lego creations have taken over the Ellsworth Public Library’s display case for the rest of the month!  Check out some of the featured pieces:



Kids have responded positively to the display.  One young man told his younger sister that “it took people a long long time to make those things.”  In response to a child’s questions: “why can’t I take the Legos out and play with them?” and “can I buy those?” one of our librarians responded something to the effect of “the Legos are like art.  You can’t touch them, but you can look at them with your eyeballs.” 🙂

The pictures don’t really do the Legos justice, so if you’re an Mainer (or visiting) please stop by the library and check out the display!

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Legos @ the Library: Let’s build something together!

Working together to build something great!

As you can tell from the photo above, today’s Legos @ the Library session was all about teamwork.  Many kids collaborated in groups of three or four to create some awesome structures.

For example, here’s a challenging course that Evil Knievel would have to be crazy to try:

Here are a couple more creations from today:

This is the latest design for the boat that a couple of Lego builders have been working on for a few months.

Are you looking for a great book about Legos?  Look no further!  The LEGOS Ideas Book is the ultimate guide for builders of all skill-sets.  The book includes photographs of hundreds of different Lego creations constructed by professional designers.  Have you ever seen a complex Lego creation and wonder to yourself “how did they build that?”  You can find the answer in the interviews with the builders included in the book.  Some of the Lego creations featured do use specialized pieces, but a lot of them seem to use pieces that you might already own in an innovative way.  This is a non-fiction book, but the Lego characters seem to have an opinion about everything and make sure to get their two cents in via cartoon talk bubbles.  You’ll want to flip through this book to read all of the funny comments and marvel at the complex creations.  A definite must for any die-hard Lego fan.

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