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The Reading Pros Recap: Cosmic

January’s book club meeting was out of this world!  Not literally, because we couldn’t replicate the once in a lifetime amusement ride featured in Cosmic (a real rocket ship that blasts off to the moon), but it was a pretty great meeting, anyway.


I was lucky enough to stumble upon this great blog, Talkin’ ‘Bout Books, and used their questions and snack suggestions.  The main character, Liam, is obsessed with World of Warcraft (WoW) and tends to interpret his real life through his video games.  We had an interesting conversation during this meeting about video games and how they impacted “real life” friendships.  Most book club members who are into video games said that it decreased their number of friends and their online friends didn’t replace them because you don’t really know online friends.


I loved this book and had heard it was a good choice for boys because the protagonist is male and it’s an adventure sci-fi story that features a lot of cool inventions and gadgets.  Several of the boys in the group were not too impressed with the book, but the girls loved it, which surprised me (to each his/her own, I guess!)

Even though we couldn’t go into space, we did have a chance to find out what it feels like to be weightless.  Try this neat trick (I found this one on a site with space themed birthday party ideas):

1.  Stand inside a door frame and push the backs of your hands against the inside of the frame, applying pressure.

2.  Count to 30.

3.  Take one step forward, so your out of the frame.  Your arms should start to rise up, like there’s no gravity holding them down!


Next month, we’ll discuss Two Old Women, an inspiring folktale by Velma Wallis.

I’ll end this post with a wonderful quote from Cosmic that one Reading Pro pointed out:

“There is no point trying to hide from fear.  Fear will find you.  You have to look fear in the eye, say hello and keep walking by.  Remember, Fear is the Enemy of Courage.”




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The new books for The Reading Pros have arrived!

I just spent a lovely afternoon going through the new books that just came in for The Reading Pros book club.  We have ordered five new titles:  Small as an Elephant, Wonderstruck, What the World Eats, Love that Dog, and Cosmic!

This purchase was made possible by the Rose and Samuel Rudman Library Trust through the Maine Community Foundation.  Thank you so much to everyone on the selection committee.  It truly felt like Christmas morning to open all those boxes of brand new books 🙂  I look forward to discussing these titles with The Reading Pros in the coming months.

(Cosmic is not pictured because it is on back-order)

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