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You are what you eat

What does the food you eat say about who you are?  The Reading Pros tackled this question and discussed What the World Eats by Peter Menzel at this month’s book club meeting.

Cover of "What the World Eats"

Cover of What the World Eats

We started out the meeting by sharing what we ate for breakfast.  Here are the results:

Bagel is clearly the winner this morning.

Some countries featured in this book have eating habits that are similar to ours (Mexico, China, and Australia were all mentioned) and others have very different customs (Chad was the most talked about here–they sometimes eat the same dish three times a day).

How much do you spend when you eat lunch out?  Maybe seven or eight dollars?  That’s more than the monthly food budget for people living in Chad!  We talked a lot about different traditions around the world and where we would most like to visit (China, Egypt and Chad topped the list).

Watching a video on how to open Ramune (a Japanese soda).

To end the meeting, we played a game about etiquette called “Don’t Gross out the World”.  It’s a fun, challenging game about eating habits in other countries.  Click here to play!

The snack for this meeting was difficult to narrow down–so so many options!  We had hummus with pita bread, carrots and cucumber, dates, and Kinder chocolate from Germany and fruit candies from Italy for dessert.

Thinking about planning your next trip around the country’s menu?  Here are a couple of suggestions from the Reading Pros:  go to Bahamas to try the dumplings, or Tanzania for the ugali.

Where would you go just to try the food?  I’d love to hear about it in the comments!



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