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Packing only the essentials…

I’m only taking a carry-on bag for my upcoming vacation, so I can just take the essentials with me.

Who could need more than this?




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The chance to sleep in…

I don’t think weekends are special for Katniss…she gets to sleep in every day of the week:

Hope everyone has had a lazy morning like hers!


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Divergent Faction Quiz

I recently tore through Divergent by Veronica Roth.  Hailed by some as “the next Hunger Games,” this book certainly packs a punch.  In a dystopian future Chicago, society is divided into five factions.  Each faction is devoted to a certain virtue (I’ve explained a little in parentheses next to each one, although the name of the faction indicates its virtue).  The factions are:

Erudite (committed to the pursuit of knowledge)

Candor (truth is of the highest importance)

Amity (peace and harmony make the world go ’round)

Abnegation (self sacrifice is all that matters)

Dauntless (courage (sometimes displayed through foolhardy feats of bravery) rules!!!)

So, I finished the book and got wrapped up in this world (a sign of a good book, for sure).  At the end, I was delighted to find a bunch of extra material.  There was an interview with the author, her playlist while writing the book, and best of all, a quiz to determine which faction you would fall into.  Needless to say, I had already been imagining myself existing in this world, so a quiz to see where I would be assigned was right up my alley.  My results aren’t worth posting about in detail (a mix between Amity and Abnegation), so I started thinking about how the other people in my life would score on the quiz.  Some were harder to pigeonhole than others.

Then I thought about how the Katniss in my life would score.  I returned the book to the library and don’t have the quiz in front of me, but I think I know the kitty well enough to rule some of the factions out.


Sorry Katniss, but I don’t think you’re cut out for Erudite.  Anyone who hangs around the microwave because she saw a moth there a month ago and expects it to still be there probably doesn’t have the mental acuity required for this faction.


Hmmm, I can’t say for sure, but I would lean away from this one.  Not that Katniss lies outright, but she sometimes has an expression of “who, me?  I don’t remember knocking that off the counter…you must be thinking of another cat.”


Amity stands for peace and harmony and their faction is also very involved in art.  This would be a partial match because Katniss can be quite peaceful (while napping, mostly).

On the other hand, she has a marked distaste for art and has gone so far as to rip my kirigami off the wall to express her feelings on the matter.


While she has curled up with me to sleep all afternoon on sick days, in general I don’t think “selfless sacrifice” really describes Katniss.


We have a winner!  Whether it’s perfecting the sneak attack, no matter the size of the prey or jumping from very high places, Katniss lives life on the edge.  She is devoted thrill-seeker and finds endless ways to challenge herself.

Katniss, moments before a sneak attack

Katniss is Dauntless!

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48 Hour Book Challenge is just two weeks away!

How many books could you read in 48 hours?  I will find out the answer in two weeks when I participate in the 48 hour book challenge hosted by Mother Reader.  During a specified, consecutive 48 hours I will read as much as I can (for charity, of course).  Participants are not expected to read for the entire 48 hours (although, if you can manage that, you have a better chance of winning prizes).  I want to push myself, but I also know how I function without sleep, so I’m going to try for 30 hours.  That means 8 hours of sleep a night with an hour left over each weekend day for showering, teeth brushing, and entertaining Katniss.  I plan to pledge myself per hour and donate the money to the non-profit that was chosen for the event:  Reading is Fundamental.  And, if I can scare up some sponsors, that’s great, too.

Here’s an awesome video from Reading is Fundamental:

Those who know me best might say that it would be more of a challenge to make me abstain from reading for 48 hours rather than participate in a marathon, but I think this will be a fun activity for me, and it will give me a chance to work down my tbr pile a little.  This is also a great opportunity to do some blogging, so be prepared for a slew of book reviews.

The Readathon takes place over the weekend of June 9th and 10th.   There’s still time to sign up, so if you are interested in reading as much as possible in one weekend, head over to Mother Reader for more information.

Happy Reading!


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Katniss in the Kitchen

As anyone who has read The Hunger Games (or has seen the movie) knows, times are tough in District 12.  Luckily, Katniss Everdeen is a skilled hunter and is capable of providing for her family.  What would she do if she couldn’t hunt?

Pair the dire circumstances in Panem with Katniss’ bravery and self-sacrifice, and you have a recipe for…

Katniss stew?

Apparently my Katniss would solve a food shortage problem by offering herself up as the main course.  She loves to voluntarily climb into all sorts of cooking containers and devices and make herself at home.  In fact, when I caught her in the act, she first attempted to curl up inside the pot (to take a nap?  to hide?)  Unfortunately, I could not capture this moment (which was hilarious because she was just a little bit too big to accomplish it and got stuck about halfway into the pot) because half of me was thinking “Grrr, cat, should you be in there?  Where is that squirt bottle when you need it?” and the other half was thinking “Where’s the camera?!”  By the time I took the picture, she had figured out her limits and assumed the dignified seated pose featured above.

Katniss in a Colander

Not only does she love curling up in a colander, she adores being photographed.  By the third or fourth shot, she’s usually hamming it up for the camera and purring loudly.  Her affinity for the camera may have something to do with the red light that blinks right before the flash goes off and the dangling wrist cord.

Katniss nuzzling up against the side of the colander:

Kitty Diva:

I must admit that in moments of extreme frustration with my feline friend, I will ask if we can have kitty stew for supper.  It’s a bad joke that doesn’t even make sense, considering that I’m vegetarian, but maybe Katniss has taken it to heart.  I will be sure to clear up this misunderstanding…I wouldn’t want her to get the wrong idea.  I’ll make it up to her by singing “Someone’s in the Kitchen with Katniss.”  It’s one of our favorite songs 🙂


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Preparing for The Hunger Games

In preparation for the theatrical release of The Hunger Games, I have been working my way through The Girl Who Was on Fire:  a collection of essays from YA authors.  Each essay focuses on some aspect of the trilogy.  Some are about the relationships in the book (including the Katniss-Peeta-Gale love triangle), another analyzes the elements of surveillance, and one about the possibility of creating “muttations” in the real world looks especially interesting.  For more information about this particular essay, check out this site.

I’m just starting an essay that talks about the fact that the citizens of Panem are tuning in to watch their children kill each other like it’s a reality show.  I read The Hunger Games a while ago, but I seem to remember that the citizens were required to watch the games…did anyone else get that impression?  For me, if they were required to watch the games, it takes away the implication of schadenfreude.

I like these essays because they give me the opportunity to think about the trilogy without re-reading them.  There are so many different ways to read these books and the essays point to different themes, some of which I hadn’t really considered while reading the books.  At some point, I may want to go back and re-read the trilogy, but for now I’m content with The Girl Who Was on Fire.

Kitty Katniss has also been preparing for The Hunger Games on her indoor jungle gym:

I am very excited to see The Hunger Games tomorrow evening!  Is anyone else planning to see it opening weekend?


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Katniss Everdeen: the cat who was on fire

As promised, here are a couple pictures of Katniss (named after Miss Everdeen, of course).  I was reading The Hunger Games when we adopted her, and the name seemed fitting.  By using her full name I can construct little songs, like “Katniss Everdeen, Katniss Everdeen, she’s the cutest little kitty that you ever have seen!”  Of course, these are sung spontaneously when she is actually being the cutest little kitty you ever have seen.  On the other side of the spectrum, calling her “Bratniss” draws attention to how annoying jumping up on the counter for the 50th time is without resorting to harsh name calling.

Part of me wants to adopt two more cats and name them Peeta and Gale and see which one wins her affections, but that’s probably not a good idea.  We also thought about staging a simulation of The Hunger Games in the attic…it wouldn’t be fight to the death, of course, but I’m sure there are many adventures to be had up there.  24 cats in an attic together…who knows what could happen.  It would make for a compelling reality show/YA book franchise/blockbuster for sure.  Katniss does resemble her literary namesake in some ways though.  She is perfecting the art of the sneak attack, and pounces on me every time I turn a corner.  I’m already dreaming up kitty sized hunting boots and a bow and arrow for Halloween.

Here is a picture of Katniss hanging out in her favorite spot- the sink.

And if you didn’t know better, you might think that she literally is “the cat who was on fire.”  I have never seen a cat who loves water this much:


(Literary aside, I just got The Girl Who Was on Fire for my birthday, has anyone read it?  It’s a compilation of essays from YA authors weighing in on The Hunger Games trilogy and the general mania surrounding it.  I’ve only just started it, but so far, very interesting.  I will post a review…perhaps essay by essay as I read them.)

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