Top 5 Bookish Childhood Moments

Hi there!

This is a mini-challenge for Hour 2 of the Read-a-thon.  Hmm…I’m sure there are more than just five, but here are the ones that come to mind.

  1.  My love of books started with nightly bedtime stories.  I remember reading the same books over and over and over again with my mom (some of our favorites were The Little Fur Family, anything by Robert McCloskey, and of course, Miss Rumphius!)
  2. My first chapter book I read by myself was Help! I’m a Prisoner in the Library!
  3. I would spend hours as a child reading outside during the summer on the lawn or in my favorite tree.
  4. I loved reading and also listening to books (which has now developed into my love of audio books for the car).  I remember listening to my teachers read books to us and wondering why they couldn’t just do that instead of math.  A couple that comes to mind are Lost on a Mountain in Maine and 21 Balloons.
  5.   One of my most vivid “bookish” memories involves a small bookplate that I kept on my bookcase in my room.  It has since disappeared and I only had a slight recollection of what it was.  I finally figured out what it was–a promotional bookmark from ALA from the early 90s designed by Edward Gorey.  After a lot of librarian-grade research and persistence, my boyfriend tracked it down!  I love having this piece of my personal reading history back 🙂WP_20160423_09_16_20_Pro.jpg


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2 responses to “Top 5 Bookish Childhood Moments

  1. Ok, so NOW I know why audio books bring me such a sense of peace.

    I loved reading a bit of your history.

    Keep it up!


  2. Laurel Parker

    Really enjoyed this piece, too. One of the first books I read when I started working in the Children’s Room was Help! I’m a Prisoner in the Library 🙂

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