Book Review: Two Love Stories

I have to admit, I took a rather long break this afternoon to go for a walk with Shawn.  It was a perfect spring day, so I had to take advantage of it!

Before and after the walk, I read two love stories:  Soppy, a cute graphic novel by Philippa Rice and The Lover’s Dictionary, the story of a couple told through dictionary entries by David Levithan.


Although very different in tone (Soppy is for the most part lighthearted, while The Lover’s Dictionary is a little more “complicated” in the relationship sense of that word) both books illuminate the small moments that make up life as a couple.

I think the best writers pay attention to the little things in life that speak to larger themes.  They don’t need to be over-analyzed or forced, but just simple, apt descriptions of life can go a long way, and these books have as many of these moments as one might get in a dozen more traditionally structured novels.  Both books are highly recommended!


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