The mystery is finally solved!

This story requires a little background information.  When I was growing up, I had a bookcase next to my bed.  On the side of the bookcase, there was a small poster that had something to do with reading.  A few years ago, I started thinking about that poster.  I could remember what it looked like:  a few kids were sitting on a piece of furniture in an old, Victorian living room reading books.  The cover of the books had beanie hats on them and it was like they were trying to solve a mystery of where the hats could be.  The funny part was that there were beanie hats hidden throughout the living room.  I thought there was a phrase on the poster, too.  Something like “Reading is a Mystery.”  I couldn’t remember every detail, but I remembered the style of the poster.  All these years later, it reminded me of Edward Gorey.  So, for the past couple of years, I’ve tried Google searches with every possible combination of the words I used in the description above without any luck.

Yesterday, I was on Etsy and thought, “maybe they have the poster.”  I found it!  (Ok, it was already sold, but with the extra information I found on the Etsy site (it was “Solve Mysteries–Read” not “Reading is a Mystery”) I was able to find a bookmark version on another site.  It turns out it was created for an ALA program (SRP perhaps?) in the mid 90s.

Thanks for Etsy shop GryphonVintage for pointing me in the right direction!

Thanks for Etsy shop GryphonVintage for pointing me in the right direction!

I can’t wait until the bookmark comes!  It will be a great addition to my collection 🙂



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2 responses to “The mystery is finally solved!

  1. Yes, I remember that wonderful poster and all its alluring details! Great that you found a bookmark, but keep looking for the poster.


  2. It’s such fun to find books and other reading-related items from childhood!
    Congrats on your Gorey sleuthing!

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