Buzzfeed’s Book to Movie List for 2014

Buzzfeed can become a major obsession for me, even more so when the posts are about books!  Thanks to Becky and James for recommending 16 Books to Read Before They Hit Theaters This Year!  I am ambivalent about the movie adaptation of Gone Girl (although I definitely plan to see it).  I had no idea Dark Places (another book by Gillian Flynn) was being released as a movie, as well!  Hopefully that will get me through until Flynn writes a new book.  I hear she is tackling new fiction and youth fiction.  Very exciting stuff! 

Which book to movie adaptation are you looking forward to seeing?



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3 responses to “Buzzfeed’s Book to Movie List for 2014

  1. Thanks for sharing that Buzzfeed list. There are some interesting books and movies on there. I hadn’t heard of “Winter’s Tale” by Mark Helprin but that looks very interesting. I hadn’t heard of “The Hundred-Foot Journey” either but I am a fan of Helen Mirren and I enjoy watching films in which she plays a part. The story sounds good too so I think I’ll read the book before I see the movie.

    I read “Wild” (well, most of it) and although I’m not a particular fan of Reese Witherspoon, I’ll probably see the movie out of curiosity. And of course, it will have beautiful scenery.

    Last on the Buzzfeed list is “Serena”. I am impatient to see that because I read the book a few months ago and, despite a few criticisms, it is a gripping and powerful read. I like Ron Rash’s writing and I also think Jennifer Lawrence is a fantastic actress. After watching her play opposite Bradley Cooper in “Silver Linings Playbook” (such a great movie!), I am looking forward to seeing them act together again in “Serena”.

    What other book to movie adaptations am I looking forward to? Well, as a Hunger Games fan, it will be fun to see “Mockingjay” in November. I just wish they weren’t splitting it into two movies.

    • Thanks for commenting! I agree there are many good movies to choose from. I love Jennifer Lawrence and Bradley Cooper together, too, so that may be reason enough for me to see “Serena.”

      I completely agree about Mockingjay…why must they break everything into two parts these days?

      • Yes, it’s so frustrating and it’s clearly just a way of making more money. Although at least it’s not being broken into three parts, like The Hobbit. That is simply ridiculous, making three long movies out of a relatively small book!

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