Book Sale Finds

At this year’s Reading Roundup, Kate Messner, the keynote speaker, told a story about picking up a book at her library’s book sale only to find her name written on the inside cover.  That’s never happened to me before, but I could relate as I own many books and find it difficult to part with them.  So, before I buy a book sale book, I need to be sure that if it never leaves my house again, it will be worth it.

Whenever we have a book sale at my library, I try to put a limit on the number of books I’m allowed to buy.  There are always interesting options, but the reality is I will probably never have time to read them all.  The Summer Book Sale is in full-swing, and so far I made it out with only two books.  One I’ve already read and plan to give as a gift and the other is a collection of poems by Rumi.  I read “This Longing” in college and fell in love with Rumi’s message.  In fact, I have re-read “This Longing” a few times since the class and have gotten something new from it every time.  To find a different collection of poems was exciting, and I’ve leafed through the book and read a couple of them outside in the sun.

What are some of your best book sale finds?



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2 responses to “Book Sale Finds

  1. I just LOVE the story of K. Messner picking up a book to find her name inside; just delightful!

    How lucky to have found a collection of Rumi’s poems. I once found a lovely worn, but clearly once loved, red copy of Shakespeare’s sonnets.

  2. mary morrow

    I love reading your blog—-I always learn something and find your writing style very enjoyable! Thanks, MOM

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