Adult Fiction Review: The Silver Star

I was telling a patron the other day that the thing I miss most about having summer vacation is being able to sit and read all day.  Well, it turns out I can do that on my day off, too.  At the expense of housework, I read The Silver Star by Jeannette Walls cover to cover yesterday.

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I was familiar with this writer’s memoir, The Glass Castle, but have never read any of her fiction.  I was not disappointed.  Even though the novel lacks the shock value of “wow, these are true stories!” Walls is an exceptional writer with a talent for bringing unlikely situations to life in a believable way.

Liz, 15, and Bean, 12, live with their often absent mother.  When she loses her grip on reality they are forced to fend for themselves and make their way across the country to reunite with relatives.  The girls react differently to this sudden change.  They grow up quickly, trying adapt to small town Virginia, learning about their pasts, and navigating their way through the working world and an unsegregated high school (in 1970).

I would highly recommend this book to any teen or adult who is a fan of Walls’ work or any reader who loves a well-written story.

Recommendation:  5 out of 5 lupines.


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