Summer Reading Inspiration

Happy First Day of Summer!  To celebrate the season, I intend to blog every day this summer.  It may be a short book review, a list of recommended books, or pictures from library programs, but there will be something up every day.

To kick off my summer blog posts, I interviewed two of my reading heroes:  Sam and his mom Julie.  Over the past year, they completed an amazing reading challenge.  Here’s what they had to say:
1.        Why did you decide to read 1000 books?

Sam:  My school gave me a challenge to read 1000 books before the end of the year.
Julie:  I decided to help Sam achieve his goal of reading of having read to him 1,000 books from January 28 to June 17.

2.        About how many books per day did you read to complete this challenge?

Sam:  Sometimes 10 and sometimes 30, I think.
Julie:  It averaged about 15 books per day.

3.        What are some of your favorite books?

Sam:  I love the book,  Parts and the other one, More Parts. I had Momma read them about 50 times. But she didn’t let me count them more than once.

Julie:  I am partial to the Little Critter books, Franklin books and anything by Dr. Seuss.

4.        Have you always loved to read?

Sam:  Well, I just learned.
Julie:  I have loved reading children’s books since 1984, when my oldest child was born. But I have never been a reader of novels. But when Sam started reading for this challenge, I started reading novels by Sparks, Steele and Ross. I’m hooked now!

5.        Why do you like to read?

Sam:  It’s fun and some books are funny.
Julie:  I like to read to learn new things and also for the entertainment. But I especially love to read to children.  I love experimenting with different voices for the various characters.

6.        Where is your favorite spot to read?

Sam:  Outside on the porch.
Julie:  I love reading on the porch in the sunshine.  And I love to read, snuggled up to Sammy, at bedtime.

7.        Ok, so you’ve read 1000 books, what’s your next reading goal?

Sam: I am reading 1000 books over the summer.
Julie: we are reading another 1,000 over the summer. And we are reading another 77 books and doing a reading project on each of these, for each day of summer vacation.

Thanks Sam and Julie.  Happy Reading!



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4 responses to “Summer Reading Inspiration

  1. What a delightful interview! I loved reading Sam and Julie’s answers to the same questions; very sweet 🙂

    In today’s NYTimes, there’s a cool article on an exhibit on children’s books – you can probably find it online. Your interview made me think of it.

  2. Julie Somers

    Hi Abby, this site is amazing. You have done a great job on this. Very interesting to read and very informative. We had fun doing your interview. It was very cool. Sam really enjoyed it.

    I’d like to thank you and Martha for your endless help in our challenge. Thank you for checking out and in all our books several times a week. And for suggesting new books for us to read and helping us find them.

    We couldn’t have reached his first goal without you both. We are working very hard on his next two goals. The other day, he said I wonder how many we could read by the end of the year. Haha, and I thought we might be done by August. Maybe we’ll take a break during our 12 day vacation.

    Again, thank you for all you do. Keep up the great work!!


    • Julie,

      Thank you for your kind words and for checking out the blog! I always smile when I see you coming and wonder how close you two are to reaching your next goal. I will pass along your thanks to Martha 🙂

      Happy Reading!

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