The bibliophiles learn about bills

Did you know, it’s Money Smart Week?

Susan and Nancy from Maine Savings Federal Credit Union were our guest speakers at today’s Bibliophile Read-a-force meeting.


They came to speak about the important things to know about money.  Here are a few of them:

1.  Keep your money in a safe place.  This means keeping your purse/wallet with you and not leaving it unattended.

2.  Don’t show or tell people how much cash you are carrying.

3.  Never tell your PIN to anyone and especially don’t say it out loud in public.

4.  Keep personal information, like your Social Security card, at home, where there’s less of a chance it will be stolen.

After the presentation, the group did a crossword puzzle, a word search, and matched the presidents with their denominations.  We also learned how to fold a dollar bill into a ring! (instructions)

We rounded out the afternoon with a rousing game of Rock Paper Scissors, which is always a crowd pleaser:


What are your tips for being smart about money?


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