New Year’s Read-solutions

I wish we could solve all the world’s problems by reading, but sadly, this is not possible.  However, some issues in life can be solved with a simple “read-solution.”  In 2013, I read-solve to:


1.  Enjoy more picture books

Picture book maze!
(Image from:

Sure, as a librarian working in Youth Services, it’s fair to say that I read more picture books than the average adult, but I rarely seek them out.  Some picture book are fantastic, compact stories, others are to be appreciated for their illustrations, but most of them are delightful in some way.   I will definitely make a better effort this year to read more of these literary gems.


2.  Carry a book with me

The perfect book bag!
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I usually do this, but I have found myself in a few situations lately where I have 20 minutes to kill and my book is tucked away at home.  Snuggling up with a book is a great way to spend an afternoon, but I also want to make more of time during the day to finish a chapter or two.


3.  Listen to more audiobooks

Image from:

This past year, I discovered the joys of audiobooks, and plan to listen to more of them in the car and while cleaning the house.  I’m looking forward to the final book in Lauren Oliver’s Delirium trilogy, titled Requiem.  I listened to the first two and can’t wait to hear Sarah Drew tell me the last part of Lena’s adventure.

What are your read-solutions for 2013?



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4 responses to “New Year’s Read-solutions

  1. mary morrow

    I read-solve to continue to be faithful to reading for my book discussion group, with enthusiasm for reading ‘outside my comfort zone’.

  2. These are great resolutions! One of these years I will challenge myself to (start to) read all the picture books in the Children’s Room at my library, but this is not going to be the year for that. I’ve also decided to do a genre reading program with my staff this year, so I should add that to my reading resolutions!

  3. My read-solution is to collect all the scraps of paper on which I’ve jotted down titles of book I want to read and then reserve all those books online from my library. Once they’re on hold, I always get them and read them. It’s remembering to put them on hold.

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