The Reading Pros Recap: Island of the Aunts


Where would you find mermaids, stoorworms, and selkies?  These magical creatures can be found on the Island of the Aunts, of course!  The Reading Pros met on Friday to discuss this book by Eva Ibbotson.

To change up the discussion portion of our meeting, we played Book Club Jenga.  I got this idea from many librarians’ blogs:  take a Jenga game and add a symbol (or a question) to each block.  When the player pulls out a block, he/she must answer the question.  If you choose to use symbols on the blocks, you can come up with a list of questions that correspond to each symbol.  I chose to do it this way because I can use the game for other groups at the library and come up with a set of questions for each age group.

Don't let the tower fall!

Don’t let the tower fall!

The object of Jenga is to try to remove blocks from the tower without tipping it over.  When it inevitably did tip over, the group did a “physical challenge” (like, jumping jacks or push-ups).  The favorite by far was a game called “freeze dance”:

Dance, dance, dance!

Dance, dance, dance!

We danced in place (without music, unfortunately) until I said “stop!”  It was a good way to release some energy 🙂

One of our book club members had a birthday, and he offered to bring in a themed snack.  I was having so much trouble trying to think of an appetizing snack that had something to do with the book (I even considered serving porridge, but the wise Reading Pros advised me not to).  So, I was very grateful to have help with the snack this month.  Here’s the big reveal of our mystery snack:

DSC02490Drumroll please…

DSC02491It’s stoorworm cookies!  For those of you who are not familiar with this month’s book, a stoorworm is a long, worm-like,, wingless dragon who lives off shore of the island.  This picture doesn’t show the cookies very well, but they were long and twisty, just like a stoorworm.  Thank you to the Deeny family for this inventive, delicious snack!



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