What do you drink when it’s cold outside?


Are you looking for a fun, easy craft for a winter day?  Try making your own (pretend) hot  chocolate!  Here’s a look at what we did during yesterday’s storytime:DSC02483

(The instructions for the craft are at the end of this post).

First, we read Winter is the Warmest Season


Image from alsc.ala.org

and Frozen Noses 

Image from amazon.com

Image from amazon.com


Then we made hot chocolate.  For this craft you will need:

A paper cup

Construction paper (colored for decorating the outside of the cup and brown for the hot chocolate)


White pom poms

Red and white pipe cleaners


First, we decorated the colored construction paper and cut out a strip to wrap around the cup.  Tape worked best for securing the paper to the cup.

Next, we tore up the brown construction paper and crumpled it up to make the hot chocolate.

Then, we added white pom poms for mini marshmallows.

For the finishing touch, we made candy cane stirrers out of red and white pipe cleaners twisted together.

Thanks to Creekside Learning for the craft inspiration!



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