The loves and fears of the Bibliophile Read-a-Force


For the third meeting of the middle school group, The Bibliophile Read-a-Force, we explored part of our unique name.  “Bibliophile” means lover of books, so we learned about many different philias (loves) and phobias (fears).  Here were some favorites:

“Thalassophilia” is the love of the ocean.  Being Mainers, many of us have this condition.


“Heliophilia” is the love of sunlight.  Being Mainers also means that we covet the sunlight…especially on these dark cold days.

Some of the common phobias among the bibliophiles were:

“Arachnophobia”-fear of spiders

“Acrophobia”-fear of heights

and “Coulrophobia”-fear of clowns

Even though the list we read was pretty comprehensive, there isn’t a name for each specific phobia and philia, so we made up some of our own.  The prefixes range from straightforward to extremely cryptic.  Here’s a sample of our own personal philias and phobias:

“Stopsignaphilia”-the love of stop signs

“Voldephobia”-the fear of Voldemort

“Curifriphilia”-the love of curly fries

“Glubphobia”-the fear of deep water

We wrapped up our meeting by creating book spine poetry.  This was a great suggestion from one of the bibliophiles…the possibilities are endless, especially when you have an entire library of books to choose from.  Here are a couple of book spine poems from group members:


Ghost Knight
The Murder at
The Horribly Haunted School
Closed for the Season


Master of the Eastern Border
The Hero of Little Street

Feel free to share your unique phobias and philias in the comments!



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4 responses to “The loves and fears of the Bibliophile Read-a-Force

  1. My favorite of the list was “Curifriphilia” – for some reason, that one really made me laugh 🙂

  2. Laurel T. Parker

    What fun…and inexpensive, too! Great idea.

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