All dressed up!

It was difficult to identify some of the middle school students after school on Friday:

We had a cupcake, “Buttons”, Frankenstein (or Shrek, depending on how you look at it), and a character from Minecraft.

The middle school group has a name!  After much debate, the group will be called (drumroll, please…..)

The Bibliophile Read-a-force!

I love the name-I think it embodies who we are as a group:  people who love books and know that reading is a positive force in our lives.

We spent some time talking about the books we’ve been reading.  Artemis Fowl, The Crogan series, The Golden Compass, Alex Rider, The Hunger Games, and Bells were all recommended to the group.

I’m excited to see what this group will do this year.  We’ve talked about doing a read-a-thon…having done one myself last spring, I would say that 6 hours (with a couple of short breaks) is probably the longest stretch of time I would want to read consecutively, but we’ll see what The Bibliophile Read-a-force can do.



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