The Perfect Fall Reading Snack

Sorry about the hiatus…coming back from vacation and settling back into work took up a lot of my energy these past couple of weeks. 

Now that fall is officially here, I’m thinking about cuddling up with a good book and a perfect fall reading snack.

Here are some options:

1.  Apples (Macintosh apples are my favorites this time of year) plain, or with cinnamon sugar, or dipped in caramel 🙂

Image from:

2.  Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

3.  Apple cider

4.  Slightly less healthy (but no less delicious):  Little Debbie Pumpkin Delights.  These might be a once a season snack.

Image from:

What is your favorite fall reading snack?  I’d love to hear suggestions in the comments!



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3 responses to “The Perfect Fall Reading Snack

  1. Thinking of that caramel topping near library books is making me nervous! 😉

  2. I’ll take #1 above, please. Recently, I had a piece of pumpkin cake. Pumpkin anything is the best!

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