Legos @ the Library: Back to School

Here in Maine, school has been back in session for about a week and a half.  It’s that magical time right after school starts where the weather still feels like summer and the kids don’t have homework yet.  Free time after school provides the perfect opportunity to hang out at the library and build with Legos!

There were some great creations today and here are a few of them:

This vehicle can travel on land, sea, or even fly into outer space!  The two guys in the front are driving the vehicle (and looking for bad guys) and the red one in the back is on his laptop playing  ninja computer games (the tall tower on the back is for the Internet).


This is a computer room with a green couch.  I like the color scheme!


This is a machine that can crush anything.  Look out, other Lego creations!


The vehicle is a plane/boat and the guy with the cape is riding a Segway.  He may look evil, but he’s a good guy who just needs to shave his mustache.


Have a great weekend, everyone!



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