Reverse 20 Questions: Manchester

If you have taken a long trip prior to the invention of portable DVD players in vehicles, you have probably played the game 20 questions.  For those of you who are not familiar with the game, it goes like this:  someone thinks of something and then the other people in group must guess what it is.  They can ask 20 “yes or no” type questions to figure out the answer.  This seems like an impossible task, right?  I mean, the person thinking of something really could be thinking of anything in the entire world.

There’s one more part to this game.  The person who is thinking of something, must identify their “thought” as a person, place, or thing (or in another version of the game:  animal, vegetable, or mineral).  So, who’s up for a game of reverse 20 questions?  I’ll post a picture of  a person, place, and thing from my trip, and you can ask the questions (or leave comments) below!



I went to Manchester to visit my friend Hanna:








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2 responses to “Reverse 20 Questions: Manchester

  1. 1. “Wow, the Internet says Manchester Tap Water has always been Yellow and Foamy!”
    2. Our Blonde Heroine would soon discover she was the Third Wheel on this Afternoon…
    3. Obscure D-I-Y Irish Baseball Card are all the rage here! or Failed F-T-D Delivery Men…

  2. mary morrow

    Is the person Hanna? Is the street located in Manchester? Did you visit a museum? Did you have a wonderful visit with a dear friend?

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