HELP I’m locked in the library!!!

Last week, we hosted our first Teen Lock-In at Ellsworth Public Library.  Here are some highlights from our “after hours party.”  Everyone got to step behind the desk:

Like any good party, we had plenty of food.  We ordered pizza and set out chips, carrots, and other snacky items.

We split up into two teams to complete the scavenger hunt.  The teens looked for little plastic animals hidden all over the building.

We played a bunch of games, like “two truths and a lie” and flipped through all of the cards in the Awkward Family Photos board game.  Maybe it was being in the library after-hours, or maybe everyone was just tired, but everything seemed a lot funnier than usual:

For the most part, the night went as planned.  However, we witnessed a strange series of events.  Someone turned on the intercom and breathed into it and when we raced upstairs to discover the culprit, no one was there.  Whatever had made the noise had turned over chairs and written us a note “Did you hear me?”

Later, we heard loud crashes and found notes strewn all over the library with our names on them.  I’m not usually one to believe in ghosts, but it was pretty creepy.  We librarians have heard stories about EPL being haunted and after that night, I think I might believe it.

To end the evening, we played hide and seek in the dark which made me jump more than once (even when I was the one looking for the people hiding).  I guess the combination of ghost stories, and a dark, empty library can make one’s imagination go wild.

Everyone had a good time, which is what matters.  It’s always great to find out that teens want to be in the library even after we close!  Have you ever had a lock-in at your library?  I would love to hear about your experiences in the comments.



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2 responses to “HELP I’m locked in the library!!!

  1. Mel M (Kates mom)

    This was a great idea! Kate loved this; Im thankful you had a good program for her to be involved in this summer!

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