“One Morning in Maine” Day

Here are some pictures from our day in Brooksville, celebrating 60 years of One Morning in Maine as a fundraiser for the Brooksville Library.

Kids got a spark plug at Condon’s Garage and had the chance to look around inside.  Outside, there were plenty of old cars to examine:

Many of the illustrations from the book were displayed around town.  It was great to match up the picture with the locations–kind of like walking through the story!  Here’s one example:

The illustration from “One Morning in Maine”

Buck’s Harbor today.

Like Sal and Jane did in the story, we got an ice cream cone:

To top it all off, Jake had a loose tooth, just like Sal did in One Morning in Maine!

A good time was had by all!  Thanks to Jason, Cam, Cole and Jake for inviting and letting me tag along and congrats to the Brooksville Library on a successful event.



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3 responses to ““One Morning in Maine” Day

  1. From the photos and your descriptions I would have loved to have been there also. 🙂

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