Teen Program: Glow Carnival

Where’s the best place to be on a HOT summer day?  Inside a dark, air conditioned room with plenty of food, glow sticks, and games (with prizes for the winner).  Here are some pictures from yesterday’s Glow Carnival (the psychedelic quality of the photos is due to the dark room):

Everyone just hanging out.


Glow-in-the-dark Ring Toss, complete with black light.

Salad spinner Spin Art.



Awesome prizes 🙂

Thank you, Katie, for the pictures and for putting together such a fun event!




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4 responses to “Teen Program: Glow Carnival

  1. Hey this blog is full of wonderful ideas! I am a new teen group leader for our library in Rusk County, Texas. I am trying to get the group up and running steadily. Last year we had a wonderful success with our Halloween Zombie Party! Now, I am trying to plan our summer reading program for the teens. Any thoughts? Ideas? Advice? Oh, also any good websites or catalogs besides oriental trading for décor or prizes? I’m trying to theme it towards a literary Hunger Games type of program complete with Jeopardy!, Family Feud, and possibly a giant-life-size game of Angry Birds… any thoughts or ideas of activities along this line would be extremely helpful as well! Thank you so much! And God Bless!

    Amanda J
    Teen Advisory Group Director

    • Hi Amanda,

      Sorry for my late reply. This has been a busy couple of weeks for sure!

      It sounds like you have some great ideas for summer programs. My coworker Martha put together a Hunger Games program, so she may have some ideas in that area. Her blog is http://onlymarfalfa.blogspot.com/

      I usually check out Pinterest (search for teen library programs or something similar). There are some great program plans there that can be modified to fit your budget (I’ve seen Angry Bird games there). As for Family Feud, a refrigerator box would make a great gameboard 🙂

      What are your thoughts in terms of prizes? A lot of teens like giftcards (iTunes, Dunkin’ Donuts…or the Texas equivalent…or WalMart are always popular with our teens). We also use donated books that are in good shape.

      Hope you have a great time planning for your SRP and thanks for checking out the blog!


      • TAG Rusk County Library


        Sorry for the slow response, as you can imagine its been a tad bit crazy trying to get ready for the TSRP. As for the prizes I found some $4.98 pillows at Wal-Mart that if you rub they have different scents, such as:  apples, pizza, ice cream, lollypops, bacon (yes, I thought that was completely awesome!), and a few others. I also plan on doing gift cards, and donated books would be awesome but we don’t have too many YA books for that purpose, a few but there only girly ones too. I was thinking of rolling the pillows up and ducktaping canned or bottled sodas all the way around it with the patterned ductape they have now. What do you think? I can’t figure out if it’d be awesome or just plain dumb.

        And yes, Pinterest is a favorite of mine! They just have it blocked here for some reason, so I can only use it on my phone or when I get to the house. Currently working on correcting that travesty. However, my teens have been asking for a website so I finally created one! TAG IS BORNN!! TAG IS BORNN!! Call Amanda @ (903) 657- 8557 to learn more about all the programs we have for the Teen Summer Reading Program (TSRP for short.. it gets tiring saying th… View on tagmewithcaffeine.bl… Preview by Yahoo Thank you so much!

        ~Amanda   ~God Bless Always~

      • I think the prize idea sounds great! Teens will like anything with soda, pizza, or candy. Those pillows sound awesome…I’ve heard of scented bookmarks, but not scented pillows.

        Good luck with everything. I’m sure it will be crazy busy but crazy worth-it, too 🙂

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