YA Book Review: Lexapros and Cons

Image from: goodreads.com

Life as a high school senior is hard enough, but Chuck Taylor has more obstacles than the average teen.  Chuck has OCD and his “routines” are starting to take over his life.  He has to walk the same route in the hallway every day, wash his hands many many times, and can’t stand the thought of anything dirty.

Despite his quirks, Chuck has the potential to live a normal life.  With therapy and medication, he begins the difficult process of breaking his habits.  Will he be strong enough to overcome his compulsions and be there when his friends need him the most?

This would be a good beach read…in fact I read it almost all in one lazy afternoon at the beach.  Even though the subject matter is heavy, comedian Aaron Karo definitely brings out the humorous side to painful and awkward situations.  A few times I found myself laughing out loud at Chuck’s orderly, practical view of the world.  I would definitely recommend it to teens who know someone with OCD or are struggling with it themselves.

Recommendation:  4 out of 5 lupines


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