Legos @ the Library: Summertime Fun!

Here are a few creations from today’s Lego session.  Everyone seemed to have a plan, so we didn’t follow a theme today.

The ultimate skateboarding challenge.


This awesome Lego creation has a few levels.  The section in the back (with the tall tower) is an obstacle course.  The section directly in front of it is the control booth/filming area.  The people going through the obstacle course are being filmed for the movie “Medieval Times”.  There’s also a boat transportation system on the left side of the picture to transport food and water to the crew.

Here’s a side view of the movie set (pictured with one of its creators).


An aerial view of the sinking of the Titanic.

Batman and a cop team up to deal with the evil building behind them.


Attacking from the left, we have the medieval warriors.  Driving in from the right we have the futuristic warriors!  Who will win in the battle of past vs. future?

I guess only time will tell.  But we do know that these Lego builders are just as fierce as the war between the time periods.


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  1. Excellent! The creative expression of children is priceless.

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