Build a city storytime

Here’s a great activity for kids (or adults) on a rainy day:  design and build your own city!  We did just this during Tuesday’s storytime.

We read Mattland by Hazel Hutchins.  This is a wonderful story about a young boy who is fed up with moving to new towns.  He decides to create his own little town in the muddy yard outside his house.  What begins as a solitary activity becomes a group effort as neighbor children pitch in and lend a hand.  This book provides a great example of channeling negative emotions (Matt is frustrated about moving, he feels lonely and out of place) into something creative and positive (his own town and new friends to play with).

I wish we could have made our own cities outside, like Matt, but the rainy weather definitely called for an indoor activity.  We used a cereal box for the base, decorated with Dot-Art dobbers (very similar to bingo dobbers) and thin, colored masking tape.  We used small boxes for buildings.  This is a great craft to reuse random items around the house.

Here are some of the finished projects from our “Build a City” storytime:

This is a very accurate model of Ellsworth, Maine.

A very colorful creation.

This city has a beautiful garden.

This project features a raccoon trap!





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2 responses to “Build a city storytime

  1. Thank you for using “Mattland” in such an engaging way and thank you for posting pictures of the cities created by your story-time friends! As one of the book’s authors, it gave me great delight to see those imaginative worlds. It also gave me delight to read that The Lupine Librarian is named for “Miss Rumphius” – a true gem of a book in so many ways.

    • I was so happy to have the chance to share Mattland with young library patrons. They had such a great time creating something “from scratch” like Matt.

      Yes, I agree that Miss Rumphius is a wonderful book…it probably inspired me to become a librarian, in retrospect 🙂

      Thank you for checking out the blog!

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