Divergent Faction Quiz

I recently tore through Divergent by Veronica Roth.  Hailed by some as “the next Hunger Games,” this book certainly packs a punch.  In a dystopian future Chicago, society is divided into five factions.  Each faction is devoted to a certain virtue (I’ve explained a little in parentheses next to each one, although the name of the faction indicates its virtue).  The factions are:

Erudite (committed to the pursuit of knowledge)

Candor (truth is of the highest importance)

Amity (peace and harmony make the world go ’round)

Abnegation (self sacrifice is all that matters)

Dauntless (courage (sometimes displayed through foolhardy feats of bravery) rules!!!)

So, I finished the book and got wrapped up in this world (a sign of a good book, for sure).  At the end, I was delighted to find a bunch of extra material.  There was an interview with the author, her playlist while writing the book, and best of all, a quiz to determine which faction you would fall into.  Needless to say, I had already been imagining myself existing in this world, so a quiz to see where I would be assigned was right up my alley.  My results aren’t worth posting about in detail (a mix between Amity and Abnegation), so I started thinking about how the other people in my life would score on the quiz.  Some were harder to pigeonhole than others.

Then I thought about how the Katniss in my life would score.  I returned the book to the library and don’t have the quiz in front of me, but I think I know the kitty well enough to rule some of the factions out.


Sorry Katniss, but I don’t think you’re cut out for Erudite.  Anyone who hangs around the microwave because she saw a moth there a month ago and expects it to still be there probably doesn’t have the mental acuity required for this faction.


Hmmm, I can’t say for sure, but I would lean away from this one.  Not that Katniss lies outright, but she sometimes has an expression of “who, me?  I don’t remember knocking that off the counter…you must be thinking of another cat.”


Amity stands for peace and harmony and their faction is also very involved in art.  This would be a partial match because Katniss can be quite peaceful (while napping, mostly).

On the other hand, she has a marked distaste for art and has gone so far as to rip my kirigami off the wall to express her feelings on the matter.


While she has curled up with me to sleep all afternoon on sick days, in general I don’t think “selfless sacrifice” really describes Katniss.


We have a winner!  Whether it’s perfecting the sneak attack, no matter the size of the prey or jumping from very high places, Katniss lives life on the edge.  She is devoted thrill-seeker and finds endless ways to challenge herself.

Katniss, moments before a sneak attack

Katniss is Dauntless!


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  1. But she looks so Erudite!

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