Bye, bye, butterflies!

We set the butterflies free today at the Butterflies and Bugs storytime.

We walked down by the Union River and found a spot to gather.  And, yes, I am wearing butterfly wings-thanks, Allegra!

Photo credit: Katie Lyons

Then, it was time to open up the “Butterfly Pavilion.”

Photo credit: Katie Lyons

I had never done this before, and I assumed that the butterflies would take the first chance they had to fly away.  It actually took quite a while to coax them out of the enclosure.  Katie and I finally convinced the butterflies to leave by helping them climb onto sticks.

Photo credit: Katie Lyons

The butterflies hung out on the sticks for a while, getting the lay of the land.  We all had the opportunity to study them up close, which was really great.

We returned to the library and I read The Caterpillar and the Polliwog by Jack Kent.  Then, we made butterfly wings and butterfly banners:

Flap your wings!

Have you seen any butterflies recently?  Which kind is your favorite?


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  1. how cute! My garden is full of little white butterflies (don’t know the name) – we’ve never had as many as we’ve had this summer.

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