A moose that doesn’t know his alphabet, puppets, pizza, and googly eye monsters!

Last night I hosted a storytime for Maine Family Literacy.  I chose the Moose storybag (mostly so we could read If you give a Moose a Muffin-one of my all time favorite books).  Storybags are themed sets of books, flannel boards, action rhymes, and crafts that are geared toward preschool students.  They are a big hit with both parents and teachers because it’s like having an instant storytime (just add a reader).

Photo from carlemuseum.org

While the kids ate pizza, I read Z is for Moose, a funny alphabet book.  Moose is so excited to be featured on the “M” page, he can’t wait for his turn and jumps in too early.  Zebra, the referee, has to control his enthusiastic friend while making sure that the rest of the book goes as planned.

We did a couple of action rhymes that were included in the storybag (“Mr. Moose” and “Steps”).

“Mr. Moose” goes like this:

Mr. Moose is very tall.  (stand tall)

His antlers touch the sky.  (reach hands up)

They make a real good resting place,

For birdies passing by.  (make hands like birdies)

Photo from: littleonebooks.com

Then we read If You Give a Moose a Muffin twice (once by itself and once with a flannel board).  We finished up the evening with a moose puppet craft.  The kids traced their hands for antlers and attached them to a paper lunch bag (for the moose’s head and body).  They decorated the puppets with markers and googly eyes.  Then they decorated themselves with googly eyes and became fearsome monsters and ghosts that ran around the meeting room:

A very good time was had by all.  There’s nothing like storytime to lift my spirits 🙂


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