YA Book Review: Perfect

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Here’s another book review from a 48 HBC book.I feel like I’ve already written a lot about Perfect in a previous post (the link is included below), so I’ll keep this review short.  Perfect is a verse novel by Ellen Hopkins.  Through poetry, the author explores perfectionism in many forms and the detrimental effects it can have on teens.  Kendra struggles with an eating disorder in order to maintain the “perfect body.”  Andre tries to deal with his family’s high expectations and still stay true to his passion:  jazz dance.  Sean is feeling pressure from everyone (but mostly himself) to succeed in everything:  sports, school, and relationships.  Cara seems to have it all, but she is missing the one thing that really matters-someone who truly cares about her.

I thought I would find it difficult to read a verse novel (because of the structure) but I actually enjoyed the change from a traditional novel format.  The poems touched on many aspects of perfectionism-what causes it and the harm that can come of it.  This book would be inspirational for any teen who is struggling with these issues and feels that he/she does not measure up.  Ellen Hopkin’s verse novel sends out the message “you are perfect, just as you are.”




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4 responses to “YA Book Review: Perfect

  1. This sounds really good- the break with the traditional format and the positive message that comes across thoughout.

    Have you recovered from the reading-induced brain mush?

  2. Yes, it is definitely worth reading!

    Um, I thought I had recovered, but I didn’t actually take a break from reading, like I thought I would. Now I’m wondering if I can blame the headaches and frequent naps on my reading marathon last weekend.

    How is your challenge coming along?

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