48 HBC Update #4

It’s time for an overdue update.  I have now finished Tina’s Mouth:  An Existential Comic Diary.  For a project for her high school Existentialism Class, Tina writes letters to Jean-Paul Sartre, asking for advice about how to live authentically.  I loved this book, because I have a personal interest in existentialism, and I strongly believe that Philosophy should be part of a student’s education from elementary school up through high school.  Also, on a purely aesthetic note, the cover is this saturated shade of turquoise blue that I find very beautiful.

Photo from bookworm1858.blogspot.com

Also, I finished The Abstinence Teacher, and I know I’m fond of this phrase, but it was The Best Book Ever (in this case, The Best Audiobook Ever).  I plan to write a review and post it later in the week.  I listened to this book while taking a hike in Acadia.  It was a beautiful day, and surprisingly not a very busy one.  The numerous bubbling brooks and mini-waterfalls caught my attention today:


So, thus far into the challenge, I have read/listened/blogged/networked for a total of 26 hours and 56 minutes (not counting the networking/blogging time that’s happening right now).  I have read a total of 3 books and listened to one audiobook.  My goal is to reach over 30 hours, and if I stay strong until 8:00 p.m., I think I can reach it 🙂

I plan to finish Bitter in the Mouth and also take some time to write up reviews (still haven’t done any of that yet).  Happy reading to everyone who is working on this challenge and thank you to everyone who has helped me out and encouraged me this weekend!




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5 responses to “48 HBC Update #4

  1. You are doing well! Tina’s Mouth sounds like fun–I’ll look out for it!

  2. What a beautiful place for a hike! For next year’s challenge, I will have to find somewhere like that, to cut down on the cabin fever of reading in my apartment for so long.

    • Yes, it was gorgeous there today. I think staying still for long periods of time was one of the most difficult parts of the challenge, so the walk certainly helped.

      I’m headed over to your blog now 🙂 Hope you’re having fun!

  3. Love the cover and concept too! And your photos are great!

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