48 HBC Update #2

Whew!  What a day of reading.  Strangely enough, I have not finished a second book yet, although I’ve been reading/blogging/networking for a little over 14 hours.  At the end of this thing, I will sit down with my notes and break down the time in terms of reading, listening, blogging and networking.  I don’t have the energy (or capacity for partial hour math) at the moment.

I’ve going between my two current books and the audio.  So far, this has been a lot of fun, although I have to give myself “permission” to read what I feel like reading (even if that means going back and forth between different books).  No problem with that, so far, but I have confused the three storylines a couple of times (they all have a couple of themes and characters’ names in common).  My goal is to finish both print books tonight and save the rest of the audio for the Acadia hike tomorrow 🙂

So far, I’ve spent most of the day outside on the deck, watching an eagle circle above and being thrilled to hear/see a hummingbird land on the feeder right next to my chair for a quick snack.  (All bird watching was done while I listened to The Abstinence Teacher).

Photo from momsofcapemay.com

The weather in Ellsworth has been perfect today-nice and sunny.  After a week of rainy, ho-hum weather, it was pure joy to soak up some rays.  In fact, I think I’ll head back out for some afternoon sun while I try to finish at least one of these two books.  Sunbathing (with SPF) and reading is my ultimate multitask combination 🙂




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8 responses to “48 HBC Update #2

  1. I thought it was so funny when you mentioned that some of the characters in your different books have the same name – that would confuse me too if I was reading them at the same time! Happy reading and good luck!

    • The worst of it is the characters who share the same name have very different personalities, so I’m thinking as I read: “who’s Bobby? Is he the Bobby in jail or is the Bobby on the football team?”

      Thanks for your encouragement! I meant to tell you that I enjoyed reading the “10 Reading Questions” on your blog. I will answer them as soon as I’m done with this weekend challenge.

      Happy Reading!

      • That would be great if you could do the questionnaire at some point, thanks! But no rush, after all your reading, you’ll probably want to give your eyes a much needed break!

      • Haha, yeah, you’re right! I forget, is the questionnaire for research purposes or to satisfy curiosity? I do need to think up some alternatives to reading. High on my list are movies and coloring books.

      • the questionnaire is for a study I’m doing but it will be anonymous. I think movies and coloring books sound like the perfect plan!!

      • Me too! I would love to hear more about the study because I love hearing about other people’s reading habits 🙂

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