Lego Guessing Game

How to play the Lego Guessing Game

1.  Gather two sets of identical Legos (or one set for each player):

2.  Use some sort of screen to separate the players.  One person builds something, giving instruction as he/she goes.  For example, you might instruct your partner to put the long red skinny piece on top of the white square piece as one step.  The goal is to have two identical structures at the end of the game.

Here’s my finished creation (hidden from my partner):

3.  When the builder is finished building (and giving instructions) the two players compare their creations:

Ok, so, not so identical.  It’s fun (and surprisingly difficult) to attempt to give instructions without any type of visual aid (including gestures).  I played a couple of rounds and found out that I was better at receiving the instructions:

These two are almost the same!  This is a fun game to play when you have some spare time and lots of random Lego pieces.  What are some of your favorite Lego games?


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  1. Love this game. When I was a speech-language therapist, played lots of games like this with a barrier between the players–it might be drawing the same image (i.e. draw a green horizontal line a third of the way up from the bottom of your paper, draw small triangles on top of that line all the way across–the triangles should be drawn in the repeating pattern blue, orange, yellow). Great way to improve listening skills, ability to give and follow directions, understand concept words such as right, left, diagonal, etc.

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