School’s out for summer!!! (well, in 10 days…)

What a day!  Even though we will continue to meet through the summer, The Reading Pros had an end of the school year party today.  They discussed one book they read this month (a “free read”) and talked about books that they are looking forward to reading.

Today was also the premiere of “The Crystal” (the Lego movie we have been working on):

It was a day of epic snacks.  Charlie’s Pizza generously donated a pizza:

and Morton’s Moo donated 3 different kinds of ice cream (Mint Chip, Chocolate and Vanilla 🙂 )!

I think one of the perks of living in a small community is the support from local businesses and individuals.  Thank you, Charlie’s and Morton’s Moo-the kids were so excited about the fun snacks and it made the party extra special.

We played a trivia game to test our knowledge of all the books we’ve read this year.  I tried to make the questions relatively easy because it’s been a while since we’ve read some of these books, but each team only missed one question-so maybe I need to make them more difficult next time.

Oh, and I got a flower delivery today that was very appropriate to post on the blog 🙂

The party was a great way to celebrate the end of the school year (only 10 school days left for Ellsworth students, I’ve been told).


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