Preparing my book list

There’s just over a week until the 48 Hour Book Challenge.  I’ve already worked out most of the logistics-including where I will spend most of my time (near the Internet to be able to blog during the challenge and far away from Katniss and all other major distractions), what I will eat (yummy vegan salads and easy finger foods), and why I am participating (to support Reading is Fundamental, to get to work on my “to be read” list, and to have fun).

Now I need to work on the most important aspect of this experience.  What will I read?  My strategy for completing this challenge is to choose books that I can’t put down.  Then, reading for over 30 hours in one weekend won’t seem like a chore, but a necessity (as in “I must drop everything else in my life and finish this book!”)  Here are some of my choices (yes, I have devoted a book shelf to this challenge 🙂 )

I have no idea how many books I can read in one weekend, but I’m guessing that it’s better to be over-prepared, so over the next week I will be looking for more books.  Do you have any suggestions for great books that I won’t want to stop reading?  I’m looking for page turners similar to The Hunger Games (I’m almost at the end of Divergent and can’t wait to read the next in the series!) and also adult fiction that is well-written and captivating (that last description is a bit vague, I realize).  So, if you have a book recommendation for me, please tell me about it in the comments.  I can’t guarantee that I will read the book you suggest, but it’s nice to have recommendations for the future, as well.  Also, do you have any tips for marathon reading?  I know it will be important for me to get some exercise at some point, or I’ll go crazy.  We are allowed a break every 5 hours to blog/network, which I’m sure will be welcome.  Any other thoughts or tips you have on this subject are always appreciated.



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6 responses to “Preparing my book list

  1. You’re a very brave person to do the 48 hour book challenge. The books look good and sound intriguing – ‘How They Croaked’ in particular.
    One book I really recommend (if you’ve not read it) is ‘The Tiger’s Wife’ by Téa Obreht.
    I have no tips for marathon reading, but I do make sure that every 55 minutes I get up to pour/ brew more tea and give my eyes a break or else I get really pain in them after a few hours.
    Most importantly: have fun! And keep us posted. 😉

    • I have wanted to read that one for a while, but haven’t gotten a chance, so thank you for mentioning it! That’s the great part of this challenge-having the opportunity to catch up on all the great books that seem to slip by me 🙂

      I have a tendency to get really bad headaches if I read too much online (but I think this has more to do with looking at a computer screen than the act of reading). I will be reading print books, thank goodness, but even so, I think that breaks and plenty of tea will be necessary.

      Yes, I will definitely have fun and keep you posted (I plan to post short updates throughout the challenge and also write more in depth book reviews to post the following week).

      Thanks for your support 🙂

  2. fun challenge! Maybe you could read one of the books in Maya Angelou’s autobiography series (if you haven’t already) – they are fast reads and beautifully and simply written. good luck – I’ll check in to see how you are doing!

  3. I’d recommend INTO THIN AIR … but I’m wondering if you could do one audio book and use it to take a walk, get on a treadmill, or wander outside. You are one brave woman reader!!!

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