48 Hour Book Challenge is just two weeks away!

How many books could you read in 48 hours?  I will find out the answer in two weeks when I participate in the 48 hour book challenge hosted by Mother Reader.  During a specified, consecutive 48 hours I will read as much as I can (for charity, of course).  Participants are not expected to read for the entire 48 hours (although, if you can manage that, you have a better chance of winning prizes).  I want to push myself, but I also know how I function without sleep, so I’m going to try for 30 hours.  That means 8 hours of sleep a night with an hour left over each weekend day for showering, teeth brushing, and entertaining Katniss.  I plan to pledge myself per hour and donate the money to the non-profit that was chosen for the event:  Reading is Fundamental.  And, if I can scare up some sponsors, that’s great, too.

Here’s an awesome video from Reading is Fundamental:

Those who know me best might say that it would be more of a challenge to make me abstain from reading for 48 hours rather than participate in a marathon, but I think this will be a fun activity for me, and it will give me a chance to work down my tbr pile a little.  This is also a great opportunity to do some blogging, so be prepared for a slew of book reviews.

The Readathon takes place over the weekend of June 9th and 10th.   There’s still time to sign up, so if you are interested in reading as much as possible in one weekend, head over to Mother Reader for more information.

Happy Reading!



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