MLA Conference Recap #2: “Hooking Reluctant Readers”

My first afternoon session of the conference was “Hooking Reluctant Readers” with author Bruce Hale.  As a child, he was a self-professed TV addict who had little use for books.  Until  his TV broke (horror of horrors) and he was forced to find alternative forms of entertainment.  His father read Tarzan to him and introduced him to the wonderful, fantastic worlds found between the covers of a book.

Hale’s presentation was lively and informative.  He discussed some of his top picks for young reluctant readers, focusing on the categories of humor, fantasy, and mystery, among others.  He read selections from the books to us out loud and his storytelling skills definitely shone.  I did not have the opportunity to attend his storytelling workshop that morning, but I picked up a lot of tips just by watching him.  He used appropriate facial expressions, included gestures, and read with emotion to make the stories come to life.

His presentation got me thinking about the power of books at certain points in our lives.  I was never a reluctant reader, so I can’t relate to that experience, but during my youth I found books that seem to have been written just for me (I still find them every once in a while).

What about you?  Feel free to share about the book (or books) that changed your life in the comments.


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