Youth Non-Fiction Book Review: The Naked Roommate

The Naked Roommate by Harlan Cohen

To all of the soon-to-be graduating high school seniors bound for college in the fall:  I hope that none of you have a naked roommate.  I would imagine that it’s a fairly rare occurence, but if you do come across this problem, this book has your answer for dealing with the situation delicately (one of the tips:  cover the furniture with towels).  This book is packed with information about everything that you might encounter in college, including difficult roommates, tough classes, and outrageous parties.  Harlan Cohen begins each section of the book with a letter from a student who is asking for his advice.  He then explains how he would handle the situation, illustrating his point with real stories about college life.  The tone of the book is very personable and jokey, which can get a little old.  However, the information is useful and it’s probably not the kind of book a person would read in one sitting, anyway, so the puns and sarcasm didn’t get in the way too much.  I would recommend this book for anyone who has questions about any facet of  college life.  It would be a good resource for first-year students to put on their dorm room bookshelf.


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