Where in the World is this Library?

Inspired by the title of my favorite games show as a child, I have titled this new feature Where in the World is this Library?  I will post pictures of a library, and you will try to guess where it is!  I have traveled to most of the libraries that will be posted, although I also have friends in far away places who may be willing to supply me with some pictures to provide a little variety.

So, without further ado…

Where in the World is this Library?

An inviting place to read for an afternoon.

A winding staircase.

The view from above.

So, if you think you know the location of this beautiful library, please leave your answer in the comments.  I plan to have a prize for this game in the future, but for now, it’s just for fun.  Also, if you have visited this library, feel free to share your experiences with us 🙂

Oh, and Happy Mother’s Day!


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