Tween Graphic Novel Review: Meanwhile

Meanwhile by Jason Shiga

What happens in Meanwhile? You decide! Meanwhile is a graphic novel with a twist-you choose your own adventure, starting with a simple question in an ice cream store: chocolate or vanilla? Your answer will decide the next stop on your journey. Instead of the classic “turn to page 22” directions found in the “Choose Your Own Adventure” series, the reader navigates this book by following a line on the page. When you get to the end of the line, you follow the corresponding tab to the next part of the storyline you’ve chosen. Each page has several tabs on the edge, which in theory would make them more susceptible to tearing, but the plastic coating on the pages solves this potential issue.

So, what could happen when you leave the shop with an ice cream cone in hand? You might wander into an old man’s apartment and ask to use the bathroom. Once inside, you realize that he is a scientist who has invented three incredible machines: the killatron, a time machine, and a machine that transfers memories from one person to another. He offers you the chance to play around with one of his inventions, but there always seems to be a catch.

This story has 3,856 endings, and even though I enjoyed exploring the different possibilities, I only read about 20 of them. Needless to say, this book would provide hours of enjoyment for graphic novel fans. This is definitely one of those books that young patrons return to the library with the question “Do you have any more books like this?” This is a unique, interactive reading experience that is sure to delight even the most reluctant reader.

Recommendation: 5 out of 5 lupines



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2 responses to “Tween Graphic Novel Review: Meanwhile

  1. Emma

    This book is so brilliantly crazy I genuinely dont know how to respond to it’s imagination. However, there isn’t really a happily ever after. Everyone seems to die whatever I do 😦
    ( But sometimes I cheated >:D )

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