Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Picture Book Review:  Cinco de Mouse-o by Judy Cox

This delightful story is a great introduction to Cinco de Mayo for children who may not be familiar with the holiday.  The reader follows Mouse as he travels from his house (where the family is getting ready for the day) down the street to the city park.  He takes in all of the sights, smells, and sounds at the local Cinco de Mayo celebration.  Mouse spies a pinata and makes a plan to get a piece of candy.  As he makes his way through the fiesta on his quest for sweets, a cat is following him.  Will Mouse be able to get his hands on a piece of candy and escape from the cat?

The descriptive writing makes this picture book come to life and the reader feels as if he/she is right beside Mouse as he smells the chorizo and tamales and takes a wild ride on the pinata.  The writer uses simile, a literary device that I don’t often see in picture books.  The book includes a few Spanish phrases, but there aren’t enough to make the book difficult for someone who doesn’t speak Spanish.  If you want to celebrate Cinco de Mayo, grab some tortilla chips and guacamole and settle in to read this wonderful story.

If you want to celebrate this holiday by making some awe-inspiring cookies, check out this site.

I see a Mexican dinner in my future, including quesadillas, chips, and salsa.  How do you plan to celebrate Cinco de Mayo?

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