The Reading Pros Recap: Saffy’s Angel

One Reading Pro turned to her iPod for help with color choices.

If you could choose any color for your first name, which color would you choose?  The Reading Pros thought about this question when they met this afternoon to discuss Saffy’s Angel by Hilary McKay.  The main characters in this juvenile fiction novel are all named from the color wheel (Cadmium Gold, Indigo Blue, and Permanent Rose).  We also discussed our given names and how we got them.  That was a very interesting conversation…some book club members share their names with a family member, others got their name because “my parents couldn’t think of anything better.” 

In honor of the book, which takes place in England, The Reading Pros made their own tea sandwiches, using some combination of bananas, cream cheese, strawberry jam, and Nutella on wheat bread.

For the activity, the kids imaged what the Banana House (where the Casson family lives in the series) might look like.  I will try to post the pictures of their creations in the next couple of days.  Each person came up with a unique interpretation (although most involved googly eyes). 

If you have not read Saffy’s Angel, I would highly recommend it to both kids and parents.  If you have read the book (or the entire series) what is your favorite part about it?



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3 responses to “The Reading Pros Recap: Saffy’s Angel

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  2. Sheila Kelly Welch


    Saffy’s Angel is a wonderful book! I even have a granddaughter named Saffron because her mother loves the book and that name. Hilary McKay writes with such a combination of compassion and humor. And the Reading Pros’ Banana Houses are charming.

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