The Apocalypsies Online Contest!

If you like online challenges and the chance to win free books and other great prizes, do I have a site for you!  The Apocalypsies (a group of debut authors who have middle grader or youth fiction books coming out soon) have put together an online Amazing Race style contest.  Visit all of the sites and enter to win books, gift certificates, and fun miscellaneous prizes.  Even though the contest’s name is based on The Amazing Race, this contest is based on accuracy, not speed.  If you have time between now and May 8th, check out the official rules and get started!

Some of the Apocalypsies may be unfamiliar to you, but you may remember me mentioning Marissa Meyer’s book Cinder in a previous post, and of course the interview with Claire Legrand a couple of weeks ago.  The Apocalypsies show a lot of promise, and I can’t wait to see what they have in store for us!


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