Picture Book Review: Stories for a Rainy Day

I Love the Rain by Margaret Park Bridges

At first, Molly hates the rain and can’t think of anything good about it.  Then, her friend Sophie shows her how the shiny streets are like her “best black party shoes”, the rain on the roof sounds like tap dancers, and the sensation of raindrops falling on their faces is like “confetti in a parade.”  With this new “sunny” perspective, Molly can finally appreciate how different (and fun) the world can be on a rainy day.

Rain makes Applesauce by Julian Scheer

This delightful Caldecott Honor book will definitely appeal to the childhood belief that anything is possible.  The outlandish statements on each page, (such as “the stars are made of lemon juice” and “monkeys mumble in a jellybean jungle”) come to life in the exquisitely detailed illustrations.  This would make a fantastic one to one read-a-loud because the pictures are so fascinating and require careful study.


Raindrop, Plop! by Wendy Cheyette Lewison

This rhyming tale of a little girl who plays outside on a rainy day will make anyone go looking for their rubber boots and umbrella.  This is also a counting book, and therefore a great choice to read to preschoolers.  I read this one to my preschool outreach group this past Monday.  The kids counted along with me by holding up fingers as I read the next number in the story.  Once we got to ten, the pattern reverses and the story counts backward down to one again.  The illustrations are bright and easy to see for a large group of kids.


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