The Reading Pros Editing Session

On Tuesday, The Reading Pros youth book club met to edit the movie that we shot earlier in the month.  We recorded the audio and then edited it and created a soundtrack using GarageBand.  A few of the book club members were already familiar with GarageBand and iMovie, and they were especially helpful.  Personally, I know absolutely nothing about editing film/audio, so the process was very interesting and informative.  Now the students at Hancock County Technical Center will put the whole thing together and add some sound effects.  I plan to post the final version of the movie here on the blog when it is finished!

I’m excited about this project because a copy of the movie (on DVD) will be added to the library’s collection.  I’m really interested in the idea that libraries can encourage kids (and adults, for that matter) to create content, not just consume it.  Justin Hoenke from the Portland Public Library will be giving a presentation at the upcoming MLA conference entitled “The Future of the Library:  Making Stuff with your Patrons.”  I’m looking forward to attending the workshop to hear what other librarians think about this concept.


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