Why I love being a librarian

Ryan Gosling outside a concert for his band De...Most people who know me understand why I love being a librarian.  I love books (reading them and just being in the same room with them) and I love to find the answers to everything from “How old is Ryan Gosling?” (31, according to Google) to “Where did my great-great-grandmother get married?” (that question obviously requires a little more time and information to answer).

In addition to the basic job responsibilities, there are many moments in my week that make me smile.  So, in this new feature, I will list some of those moments.  (Unless noted, these are not necessarily from this past week).

#1  A man told me yesterday that he drove by the Ellsworth Public Library quite frequently, but had never come inside.  He decided to come inside just to see what it was like and was very impressed with the overall ambience.  I got the impression that he had found a spot to read for a while.  It’s always nice to meet new patrons and hear that kind of feedback.

#2  A young patron came in and tried to scare me with his dinosaur finger puppet (by sneaking up behind me while I was shelving books and roaring loudly…I was EXTREMELY surprised, but only slightly terrified).  He asked “Did he scare you?”  I said “Yes!  Very much!”  He nodded his approval and then the dinosaur swooped in and proceeded to clean my glasses (while I was still wearing them).

#3  A young reluctant reader came in the library with his mom and couldn’t seem to find the right adventure story.  He left with The Invention of Hugo Cabret by Brian Selznick.  A few days later, he came back.  He was already about halfway through Hugo and wanted to talk about it (and he really wanted to see the movie).

#4  A special flower delivery on a lovely spring day:

Librarians:  what are your favorite moments from library life?

Everybody else:  feel free to chime in with the moments that brighten up your day!



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6 responses to “Why I love being a librarian

  1. Svetlana

    hello. it is pleasant to me to read it about library work, because I too the librarian. I love the work because I help readers to find information which helps them with their profession. I am a librarian, but I help to treat people because I work in scientific medical library. when the doctor meets the difficult patient, he addresses for the help to books.

    • Hi!
      It’s great to meet other librarians 🙂 I think that working in a medical library would be challenging for me. Do you know a lot about science and medicine?

      • Svetlana

        hi. yes, work in scientific medical library allowed me to learn about medicine much, but I know very well only about a library science. certainly, in 30 years of work in medical library I know much about a medical science, well I know medical terminology, but I am a librarian. I think, you agree with me that the librarian should know well not only the profession, and all in this world to help the reader to find information :))

  2. It’s so great to love your job — and obviously, you DO!

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