Katniss in the Kitchen

As anyone who has read The Hunger Games (or has seen the movie) knows, times are tough in District 12.  Luckily, Katniss Everdeen is a skilled hunter and is capable of providing for her family.  What would she do if she couldn’t hunt?

Pair the dire circumstances in Panem with Katniss’ bravery and self-sacrifice, and you have a recipe for…

Katniss stew?

Apparently my Katniss would solve a food shortage problem by offering herself up as the main course.  She loves to voluntarily climb into all sorts of cooking containers and devices and make herself at home.  In fact, when I caught her in the act, she first attempted to curl up inside the pot (to take a nap?  to hide?)  Unfortunately, I could not capture this moment (which was hilarious because she was just a little bit too big to accomplish it and got stuck about halfway into the pot) because half of me was thinking “Grrr, cat, should you be in there?  Where is that squirt bottle when you need it?” and the other half was thinking “Where’s the camera?!”  By the time I took the picture, she had figured out her limits and assumed the dignified seated pose featured above.

Katniss in a Colander

Not only does she love curling up in a colander, she adores being photographed.  By the third or fourth shot, she’s usually hamming it up for the camera and purring loudly.  Her affinity for the camera may have something to do with the red light that blinks right before the flash goes off and the dangling wrist cord.

Katniss nuzzling up against the side of the colander:

Kitty Diva:

I must admit that in moments of extreme frustration with my feline friend, I will ask if we can have kitty stew for supper.  It’s a bad joke that doesn’t even make sense, considering that I’m vegetarian, but maybe Katniss has taken it to heart.  I will be sure to clear up this misunderstanding…I wouldn’t want her to get the wrong idea.  I’ll make it up to her by singing “Someone’s in the Kitchen with Katniss.”  It’s one of our favorite songs 🙂



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3 responses to “Katniss in the Kitchen

  1. #1kid

    Aaww!!! She looks like my kitty only a bit bushier tail and a whole lot smaller!

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