“Amazing Authors” Links

As you may have noticed, I have recently added a few links to the Amazing Authors list (on the right side of the screen).  These writers are not broken down by genre (although I may do that someday) and were chosen subjectively.  I will add more to this list as I think of more authors I would like to include.

One name on this list may not be familiar to you.  Claire Legrand is a new author who has a tween book coming out in late August (called The Cavendish Home for Boys and Girls).  I have not read any of her work, but I have read her blog, which is funny and heartfelt.  I have a gut feeling that she will be among my favorite authors (once I get a chance to read her book!) so I have included her on the list.

On Friday, Claire will answer a few questions right here on The Lupine Librarian!  YAY!  Needless to say, I am more than a little excited about it.   For Claire’s thoughts on writing, reading, good books, and unicorns, check out http://www.claire-legrand.com and make sure to stop by here on Friday to hear what she has to say about her upcoming book, among other things!



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