The perfect reading snack

As I have mentioned in a previous post, I recently finished Where Things Come Back by John Corey Whaley.  I absolutely loved the book, but the dark nature of the subject matter coupled with the mystery of what really happened kind of put me on edge, especially at the end of the day.  To help ease the tension, I began a nightly ritual.  I didn’t notice it until two or three nights into the book that I had developed a specific snack for my night time reading:

Chamomile tea





I am a recent Nutella convert and I used it on Food for Life’s Ezekiel bread, thinking that the uber-healthy bread would compensate for what is essentially chocolate spread (no rhyme intended).

This was a library book, so I was very very careful and did not actually eat while reading (librarians have to pay for damaged books, too).  I would keep the snack next to me and put the book down every so often to take a bite of toast covered with deliciousness and take a sip of tea.  It was extremely comforting.  It felt like the tea and toast were saying “it’s ok…this part is pretty scary, but it will all turn out alright in the end.”

When I finished the book, I kind of got over the snack.  Maybe the Nutella’s novelty had worn off, or maybe I realized that you can only justify consuming it daily for so long (“but my book might turn out really really badly for characters I really really care about!”)  Now that summer is right around the corner, I can imagine many more great (and healthier) reading snacks in my future.  Limeade with cucumber sticks and hummus anyone?

Does anyone else out there have a reading snack?  If so, please share your favorites in the comments!


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